Agi & Sam Fall 2016 Menswear

Agape Mdumulla and Sam Cotton have changed their creative direction and decided a more relaxed and definitive approach for Agi & Sam fall 2016 menswear collection.

London Collections Men kicked off the round of men’s fashion weeks over the weekend, one of the highlights of the weekend was the Agi & Sam‘s eagerly anticipated show. Known for their innovative and over-the-top prints, design duo Agi & Sam decided a more relaxed and definitive approach was necessary for their Fall/Winter 2016 collection. Their signature playful prints and bright colours are replaced with muted tones of olive green and navy spanning cropped neoprene macs, ribbed knitwear and flared trousers.

This time they were focusing on utilitarian and uniformity, the idea of incorporating peace and individuality is present as well as sense of maturity into each and every carefully constructed garment. Each individual piece is designed with a careful consideration to how it would fit into a consumer’s life, ensuring that it would contribute something harmonious to an effortless lifestyle.

This season the design duo have made some moves into designing womenswear for the first time, the womenswear retained an element of the much loved Agi & Sam playfulness. Oversized and exaggerated silhouettes dominated the womenswear with extra long sleeves and roomy trousers.

Agi & Sam might have changed their creative direction for Fall 2016 collection, but on paper it seems they have grown up with their audience and it has been an absolute pleasure to witness.

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