Annette Bening and Elle Fanning are 20th Century Women

Annette Bening and Elle Fanning are 20th Century Women in Mike Mills’ new heartwarming drama.

Two most inspiring womens in the film industry, Elle Fanning and Annete Bening will be starring in Mike Mills new film that will be premiered at New York Film Festival this year. “20th Century Women” is a cinematic ode to “the people who raise us and the times that shape us” set in Santa Barbara in late 70’s. Dorothy (Annete Bening) is a single mother who is trying to help her teenage son Jamie, to get through adolescence phase, confusedly seeking his identity, love and freedom in his little complicated world, while she gets help by two other women in her life: a 20-something free spirited pinked hair photographer who lives with her and and a young friend of her son, Julie (Fanning) who is a wise persona beyond her 16 years of age. Together they are trying to be a part of Jamie’s coming of age story.

The trailer started with Jimmy Carter’s infamously controversial “malaise” speech, the speech illustrates the idea of the film big picture: the hope for a better future. The strong 70’s vibe is making the film is more dreamy and heartwarming, also the strong female characters are truly inspiring the femininity inside all of us.

20th Century Women will be released on Christmas Day this year.