Balenciaga Fall 2017 Menswear

Balenciaga Fall 2017 Menswear

Balenciaga Fall 2017 Menswear. In-jokes aside, Demna Gvasalia take his job seriously, analytically, and pragmatically in corporate dressing for Balenciaga.

Demna Gvasalia offered his version of corporate dressing this season for his second menswear show with Balenciaga. Notorious for using designs for Balenciaga and his own label, streetwear favorite Vetements, to comment on various aspects of culture, from fetishism to mass consumerism, Gvasalia didn’t pass up the opportunity to make a case for the political climate that could have been.

The fall ’17 men’s collection, shown 2 days ago at Paris Fashion Week, included classic workwear items like tailored topcoats and two-piece suits — but styled in his own way, of course, with the shirts completely unbuttoned underneath or worn with new takes on the fashion house’s Triple-S sneaker.

Unlike Gvasalia’s more experimental designs at his own label, Vetements, his show for Balenciaga this season felt refreshingly pared back. The collection had its own identity, as opposed to previous seasons when a Balenciaga look could easily be mistaken for Vetements. Still, his innovative eye was present, such as in the plastic-looking leather blazers he did in a shiny orange, paired with simple jeans.

As for the shoes: There were leather biker boots with metal toe caps, as well as Triple-S sneakers that featured broken-in construction and triple-stacked soles. The sneakers here were finished in a purposely rough and undone fashion — perfect to wear when meeting your clients.

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