Cillian Murphy Stars in Stella McCartney’s Menswear Film “Black Park”

Cillian Murphy Stars in Stella McCartney's Menswear Film "Black Park"

Cillian Murphy Stars in Stella McCartney’s Menswear Film “Black Park”. Directed by Sean Ellis and music scored by Paul McCartney, Stella takes the film into whole another level.

Stella McCartney celebrated the mark of her Menswear collection by teaming up with the brilliants, Cillian Murphy and director Sean Ellis for a short film called “Black Park.” It was filmed at an unsullied forest around Buckinghamshire area, just outside London, that focused on Stella McCartney’s Menswear collection for Autumn / Winter 2017 that giving us a nice juxtaposition of quintessential British style – camel overcoats and double breasted blazer, layered perfectly with some of the modern items with sharp tailoring and explosive graphic knits. In the release, Stella explain more about the storyline and how nature inspired her, “The environment provides encompassing visual backdrop of the character’s (Murphy) struggle between the echoes of his past and what feels like the present.” Meanwhile the brilliant actor, Cillian Murphy was just being Cillian Murphy, slightly looking like his character in Peaky Blinders, serving us some serious performance and deep sinister look, feeling torn between past and present. 

Stella McCartney herself explain more about this big project: ” Working with Sean was so effortless and the results are exactly what I intended. The mood is one that reflects the more tailored edge of the menswear and manages to have suspense, with Cillian’s performance married with my Dad’s original score. To have this team is a dream.” Yes, the film is scored by the great Paul McCartney, who beautifully provides the notes and takes the film into whole another level. What a dream team, to be honest.