Color Outside the Lines with Crayola BeautyColor Outside the Lines with Crayola Beauty. Relive your childhood imagination and creativity with Crayola’s ultra-creamy multipurpose face crayons.

Crayola, the brand that has valued creativity, expression and imagination for decades now takes on a different medium of expression: the skin. The crayon brand in collaboration with ASOS has recently launched a range of makeup and colorful wax crayons. The products offered range from bright highlighters, bold mascaras and artist brush kit. The iconic wavy modern black and white squiggles and yellow packaging are notably nostalgic for the generations growing up with Crayola when one’s childhood imagination and creativity run free.The debut campaign that came with the products placed emphasis on gender fluid where both men and women appear in the ads. The playful and vibrant colors of these vegan products are standouts on their own, allowing creativity to overflow however and whenever. The more creative and crazier, the better. Because, you know, crayons and the face, how could one resist the temptation of letting your juices flow in the best living canvas that is the face?

The 58-piece makeup collection is now available for purchase exclusively on ASOS.