A little presents to end this year.

Nowadays products are expected to undertake their functions properly and the competition for satisfying consumer is in the field of product attachments and emotional characteristics. Products have a symbolic meaning in addition to their utilitarian benefits. This symbolic meaning that refers to physical product and is described with human personality characteristics is called “product personality”. Consumers make a psychological comparison between their self-concept and the image of a product and the result of this comparison can positively influence product evaluation.

Interaction, communication and user experience inspire a mix of human, animal and technological elements. Hybrid design mirrors the new relevance of comfort and protection through quilted and wrapped constructions. And presently, the effect of the influence of nature is less obvious: instead of designed objects looking exactly like the natural form, they use only slight characteristics to remind us of nature.

Flowing organic lines and dipped coatings exhibit aerodynamic or seamless properties. Products take on the look of creatures, have friendly artificial characteristics and become personalities in their own right.

Based on that, we took inspiration from the environment that affects the personality of creative creations for our 11th Issue. So we challenged our selected contributors to create the emotional narrative from personal characteristics in objects’ form that can be recognized and how they can apply personality in their artwork’s appearance. (Text Teuku Ajie)


DEW Magazine #11 Living and Design Issue December 2013

Cover Story Zeline at A Team

Photography Hendra Kusuma

Styling Arkhy Pradipta

Hair Jeffry Welly

Make-up Rommy Andreas