Through many years, DEW has been curating global work to global audience by asking for views of nothing but freedom. We have always known that any form of work submitted to our platform had spoken loud concerning the appreciation of cultures, long studies and severe histories of individual through times. To celebrate that, we desire to explore within times and ages whether past, present or future of any meaning of “Youth” and communicate it to the audience.

Nowadays, youth cultures are more forward on how people preserved their decision on their perspective of their global loop. Spaces of expression are broader and instantly affect; All of that spirit reflected on someone with jet-black hair, round black eyes and porcelain skin, DEW cover star Chelsea Islan is more about brains than beauty, she’s still in the process to experience many things in life yet she has inspired many young people in Indonesia. She plays the role in the movie as well as she makes her own film. She read a lot of philosophical book and a loyal fan of Mahatma Gandhi. She like extreme sport that not many people dare to try. She love fashion as well as she aware with the environment. At the age of 18, she’s unbelievably cool, unassumingly nice and independent.

Over in global, there’s a new generation of models, actors, actresses, artists, directors and musicians who know that the power of individual will makes a big difference. We pick six front-liners with their own authenticity that changes the game of 2014 that believed have the urge to continue amuse us in the future. From Nymphomaniac’s controversial new star, Stacy Martin to Hedi Slimane’s new muse Dane Deehan.

As we dive ever further into a fashion industry, we explore the ground-breaking possibilities of emerging designers in global theatrical and go ahead with our fellow friend writer Winda Malika Siregar. We predict 8 young next-big-things who definitely worth your close attention. Some are brilliant novices, while others are making their own breakthroughs after years of experience with major fashion houses. Based on their sheer talent, consistency, and brilliant interpretation on the future of fashion. Together with our selected contributors we never stop to challenged ourself to create our own liberty designation of artwork that allow the audience to intimately peek their wildest imagination in a wise perspective of youth. So give a little time to listen to youth’s voices! (Text Teuku Ajie)


DEW Magazine #12 Youth Issue May 2014

Cover Story Chelsea Islan in Saint Laurent

Photography Teuku Ajie

Styling Dinta Jakile

Hair and Make-Up Priscilla Myrna