DEW Magazine #35 Voice Issue Pre-Spring 2020. That being said, welcome to the Voice issue, where we hope you all dive deeper into what the youth of today is up to. Think differently, read avidly, ask questions and start talking.

In this issue, we aim to stimulate our readers into further discussion on the youth phenomenon. Do you think this is all caused because of there is a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE in the mindsets of the two generations (millennials vs boomers)? Are the youth being manipulated by adults, or is it the other way around? How have the tables turned? We once thought it would be near impossible to penetrate the adult mindset, but there are just too many brilliant cases and younger figures to ignore now. To resist change would be to persist harmful stagnancy. As Gen Z climb to the top over the coming years, how will the world look? How will it sound? Whose voices will we listen to?


Cover story Mona Matsuoka at Image Models in LEINWÄNDE

Photography Kenta Karima

Styling Yui Sawada

Hair Aya Mishiro

Make-up KOTOMI