Editor’s Pick: fbudi Miring

Editor's Pick: fbudi MiringEditor’s Pick: fbudi Miring. Felicia Budi explores the gender fluidity in her latest release, the clothing pieces depicts the queerness and peculiarity of both gender.

Gender bending, translucent, and even fluid clothing have always been major themes for many designers these days. Not only are they closing the disparity between what associates as men to women’s clothing and vice versa but they open new ways for versatility, channeling new means for creativity and expression.

Felicia Budi, through her eponymous label explores the gender fluidity of the clothing pieces in her latest collection named “Miring”. As the word itself suggests, the Indonesian word meaning “slanted” when translated into English, suggests the queerness and peculiarity of humans, especially those living under the loose bureaucracy, harsh realities through socioeconomic gaps and ironies of Indonesia’s everyday lives. There’s a certain cynical remark as the word connote, suggesting that this particular “Miring” collection suggests otherwise. Miring embraces all forms, all shapes and genders and it does not look the other eye to those different from who they are. As the collection suggests, Miring “…demolishes all forms and standards, and freedom of expression and self-acceptance are very much expected.”

In the collection, several skirts and dress pieces are relevant blurring the lines between what constitute as feminine and masculine when worn. One of the best pieces that took our attention are the mesh outerwear, looking ragged from up close but rather, it gives depth and volume when worn. Looked as though made from rough textiles, the patches from the weaves on its front add texture and character, making it an attractive sight to hold. Known for her usage of unconventional textiles, Miring assimilates bold, strong and softer textiles as a collection. The draped skirt, also an interesting feature to the collection, may look like an oversized ‘sarong’ when worn but could also play with the appearance of a somewhat draped elongated pants.

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fbudi’s latest release ‘MIRING’ will be launched on October 11. Several styles will only be available at masarishop.com