Editor’s Pick: Friederich Herman Spring 2018 RTW. Exploring classic tailoring and interpreting the 1960s sci-fi comics on how people might dress up in the future.

It comes to no surprise that most fashion labels and designers are making their way to the top but we were tempted enough to peer our eyes towards Friederich Herman. The East Javanese-born designer has had passion for art and illustration, where he first took steps in the art industry and then full-fledge towards the fashion industry. The designer just recently introduced his latest Spring Summer 2018 campaign where he paired classic tailoring with retro futurism interior setting; interpreting the 1960s sci-fi comics on how people might dress up in the future.

Editor's Pick: Friederich Herman Spring 2018 RTWThe collection takes a playful tone of green and blue and there’s definitely a clinical feel to it, just like a poster or postcard coming out of a vintage 1960s scene. Playful asymmetrical skirts paired with emphasized mutton sleeve shirts make a great look for the collection. Other notable features include high-waist skirts and trousers tightened to the waste to convey a collapsed paper-bag effect and look. Nude sock that resemble the tights women wore alongside strapped detailing around the calves with mules and loafers complemented the look well.

The attention to details is what matters in the collection. It feels like every piece has a story of its own to perfectly convey a certain feel, a certain image and look. The colors all complement one another, as we see, emerald green was further explored, one shade we saw immensely in Friederich’s previous collections.

Friederich Herman Spring Summer 2018 collection is now available at ARA Jakarta

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Photography Sharon Angelia

Styling Adimas Reynard

Hair and Make-up Natalia Tirta

Set design Rizky Faesal