Editor’s Pick: George Keburia Fall 2017 RTW

Editor's Pick: George Keburia Fall 2017 RTWEditor’s Pick: George Keburia Fall 2017 RTW. The Georgia-based fashion designer offers a vintage-inspired dress, a little bit something for women of all generations.

The younger more dashing designer, George Kebuaria returns with his latest womenswear collection. The young and talented designer from Tbilisi, Georgia sticks true to his fantasy slash whimsical themes translated directly in his clothing pieces. The mix of 70s and 80s fashion aesthetics inspires this latest collection where light and heavy fabrics offers little bit of something for women of all generations.

Also wanting to convey a timeless sophistication combining both elegance and freshness, sheer fabrics were used predominantly in the pieces. Bright pop colors such as crimson red and sunflower yellow accents the collection while at the same time, balanced by bright pastel colors in most dresses, tops and pleated skirts. Spiked old school vintage also imbues the collection, evident from the short A-line miniskirts, to the button down vintage-inspired dresses, the short bows details and long sheer skirts with puffed and exaggerated sleeves.

The first pick would be the sheer bubblegum-colored pink dress with the dainty bow on the neckline, also a recurring theme of the entire collection. The checkered-embroidered look of the sheerness adds a meticulous detail to the dress, if not, all of the sheer dresses, making the piece look extra vibrant and different, albeit subtly. The bubblegum color of the dress adds an extra elegant yet playful and feminine touch to the piece.

Another bow on the neckline, the exaggerated white bow is a definite statement to the entire black chic look of the outfit. While the jet-black may seem dull, the silhouette of the piece such as the ribbon details on the wrist part of the sleeves, the puffed sleeve as well as the button down vest accentuates the entire collection. (Text Beata Primana)

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