Editor’s Pick: Lantern Sense Spring 2016

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Editor’s Pick: Lantern Sense Spring 2016 – Trevor Ng and Lala Yang has created a wide variety of fun images through an artistic yet wearable collection.

Lantern Sense is an independent luxury ready-to-wear label founded by Trevor Ng and Lala Yang. Established in Hong Kong in 2014 with the support of the Chinese tailors who has experienced more than 20 years, this brand offers a minimal and refined quality in cuttings, usually combined with unusual prints and vibrant hues, create a simplistic modernity that ultimately provides a breath of fresh air.

Both Travis and Lala had majored in Fine Art and master in design, they also lived in multi-cultural cities for several years while completing their education. From there they took a variety of inspirations and mix it with their culture. Majority of the ideas are coming from their life experiences and things happened around the couple, as is the case in their Spring 2016 collection.

Named as “EAT. PLAY. LOVE,” this collection was inspired by memories of their childhood, family and love. They described the collection as the infinite fun, where the all the wonderful things happen. Collage and lace are the two key elements applied throughout the collection. Old photos and metaphorical prints ensembles with geometric cuts, teamed with neutral hues and a peek of vibrant colours. It provides multifunctional artistic yet wearable pieces, inspired by sweet memories and love that have been translated onto each garment creating artistically inclined pieces with haute couture aesthetics and the functionality of ready-to-wear.

Striving towards precision, every piece in this collection has a seamless details making each of the garments worth to fill our closets. With the combination of luxurious fabrics and impeccable craftsmanship, they have created a wide variety of fun for the modern image of urban chic ladies. See the whole collection below. (Text Teuku Ajie)

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Photography Yang Han at Yanghan Fashion Photography Studio

Styling Trevor Ng at Lantern Sense

Make Up Jerry Zong