Elle Fanning Plays Transgender Teen in the Upcoming ‘About Ray’

Directed by Gaby Dellal, Elle Fanning plays transgender teen in the upcoming ‘About Ray’. She shine as transgender teen named Ray who decides to transition from female to male.

Current representations of transgender people in pop culture primarily focus on those who have already transitioned (like Sophia on Orange Is the New Black) or those approaching the process later in life (Maura on Transparent). About Ray tells the story of a teen’s experience, as a sort of transgender coming of age.

In debuts trailer, we see the way a family is rocked, as daughter Ramona (Elle Fanning) begins the process of becoming Ray. Despite the title, the film is not just about Ray—Ray’s mother (Naomi Watts), father (Tate Donovan), and grandmother (Susan Sarandon) are all deeply impacted by his identity. Ray may have finally found a way to become who he truly is, but finding that understanding in his own family may be a much greater challenge. (Text Teuku Ajie)

About Ray hits theaters Sept. 18. Watch the first trailer below: