Frank Ocean’s Visually Orgasmic Music Video “Nikes” Hits The Internet

Frank Ocean’s visually orgasmic music video “Nikes” hits the internet. We’re shown dichotomies between hedonism and loneliness, provocative and sensitive.

Internet just hits a new level of euphoria over Frank Ocean’s long awaited new album which dropped last week. Four years after his award-winning album “Channel Orange”, the singer-songwriter who formerly known as Christopher Breaux managed to starts an internet rave on a peaceful friday morning, 19 August 2016, when he suddenly unveiled a 45 minutes long, short movie called “Endless” without any prior notice, followed with a dreamlike music video for the first single “Nikes” and nicely ended with a released of the full version album “Blond” on the day after. “Blond” has 17 tracks with a mind-blowing list of collaborators, among of them are David Bowie, Kanye West, KOHH, Brian Eno, Pharrell Williams, Beyonce, to name a few. 

Directed by Tyrone Lebone, the music video itself successfully sums up the aesthetic direction of the album with a mélange of symbolic visualisation and sensual emotions in a bold fashion. The video starts with a kaleidoscope of film images then started to escalated quickly into snippets of surreal scenes consists of frontal nudity in out of the world behaviour, even we caught Frank Ocean casually setting himself on fire. It may be too much to handle, but Frank Ocean knows how to make a comeback and make it a good one. Watch “Nikes” music video below: