GLITCH: VINORA Showcases Latest Collection Alongside Exhibited Art. The theme and exhibition refers to the transitioning of old and new both in fashion and also in Eldwin Pradipta’s artwork.

Jakarta-based luxury fashion brand VINORA by Vinora Ng showcases their latest Fall Winter 2017 collection, creating an interesting conversation of old and new alongside an exhibited work from Indonesian artist, Eldwin Pradipta. The fuse of both traditional scope of art with digital pieces as portrayed in Eldwin Pradipta’s exhibited artwork coincides with the overarching theme to VINORA’s collection.

The theme and exhibition entitled Glitch, refers to the transitioning of old and new both in fashion and also in Eldwin Pradipta’s artwork.

For VINORA, a new era has transformed us all; fashion went from being extra sophisticated, suave, and classy in characters, to becoming more casual, modern, and chic, catering to a wider audience. VINORA’s FW2017 collection features pieces that are more versatile and casual when donned amongst the youngsters yet at the same time, the pieces stayed true to the classics we are all familiar with.

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Through a similar concept drawn, Eldwin Pradipta’s artwork explores the traditional paintings you would see hanging in your humbled homes, being thrown in digital elements, clashing both the elements connoted as traditional and modern as one. These artworks contain interactive projection and digital mapping that strikes in contrast with these traditional paintings. The paintings showcased were “Life Chain Reaction”, “Niet Mooi of Indie Scenery”, and “Reconceive Braga”. Contextually, both the exhibition and the collection delve particularly into these kinds of digital transitions.

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Drawing inspirations from the post 1989 era in fashion, Glitch indicates that particular stroke of transition in the fashion industry. Trends began shifting as the digital world both obstruct and influence many of the enthusiasts and the industry alike.

Basic garments in the FW2017 collection include hemmed shirts, corduroy and cotton trousers, paneled jackets anything that goes into the category basic staple wardrobe pieces. These pieces resemble “glitches” through an array of asymmetry, contrasting colors, and deconstruction. Clean, versatile, yet witty, the collection sticks true to the conventions and traditions of typically worn clothing pieces. (Text Beata Primana)

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