J.W. Anderson Curates Online Photo Exhibition

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J.W. Anderson curates online photo exhibition with over selected 50 photographs from the archives of 80s photographer Ian David Baker.

In celebration of the first anniversary of J.W. Anderson’s online store, Jonathan Anderson has personally selected 50 photographs from the archive of 80s photographer Ian David Baker to be exhibited, hand produced, printed, and sold at J.W. Anderson’s website.

David Baker rose to cult image-maker status in the late ’80s and early ’90s, but is most widely known for his series of photographs entitled “Cruising Camera,” that documented British youth culture. Much of his lesser known work is relegated to the gay pride parades and protests in London and the unusual quirks of seaside resorts. Many of the images selected by Anderson for his exhibition are previously unseen by the public.

J.W. has long been obsessed with photography. Earlier this year, he released The Smell of Us, a photo book with Larry Clarke. And his frequent collaborators include Jamie Hawkesworth, who shoots J.W. Anderson’s campaigns, and Steven Meisel, who masterminds Loewe’s. This latest maneouvre into the world of curating is yet another step in J.W.A.’s multidisciplinary expansion plan – and a rare opportunity to rediscover (and own) work by one of the pioneering photographers of London’s subcultures.

Head to j-w-anderson.com to view the complete exhibition.