Jamie Hawkesworth In His Latest Exhibited Visual Journey

Jamie Hawkesworth In His Latest Exhibited Visual JourneyJamie Hawkesworth in his latest exhibited visual journey. For his most recent venture, the photographer takes over 14 rooms showcasing his purest forms of visual experience.

Renowned Suffolk-born photographer takes a wider space, greater spotlight and more audience through his latest photography exhibition in Huis Marseille photography museum in Amsterdam. With his photography work hanging in the walls of 14 different rooms, spread out over two 17th century canal houses, this will make Jamie Hawkesworth biggest solo photography exhibition to date.

Having commenced forensic science studies in Preston University in Lancashire, England, Jamie Hawkesworth grew in passion with the camera as he documented reconstructions of crime scenes. Until then, his camera became the tool he had to embrace his new and familiar surroundings, by capturing raw and genuine moments through his travels, his hometown and the memories he holds near and dear in his heart.

The exhibition entitled “Landscape With Tree” features series of Jamie’s photographic work, with 14 different rooms showcasing the different moments, themes captured through the lenses of his camera. One room in the building features 140 photographs from his series entitled “Preston Bus Station”, a 3-year compilation of his photographic experience with passerby and commuters in the massive transportation hub in Lancashire. The experience molded him as a photographer, allowing him to document strangers confidently, yet in the purest forms of relationship building and conversation-making.

Other forms of photography work such as fashion photography are showcased in the exhibition. This was a visual experience in which Jamie Hawkesworth found exposure in the creative industry where, as mentioned in the exhibition’s introductory, the experience “has been a rich space for me because it hinges on collaboration and offers broad photographic possibilities…”

“Landscape With Tree” is held on September 9, 2017 until December 3, 2017 in Huise Marseille, Museum of Photography in Amsterdam.

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