Kate Moss Shows Intimate Ritual in Massive Attack New Video

Kate Moss shows intimate ritual in Massive Attack new video directed by her long-time friend 3D aka Robert Del Naja and Medium.

Fans of dark psychedelic beats and trip hop rejoice as Massive Attack puts you in trance on their newly released music video, Ritual Spirit starring the perennial British supermodel Kate Moss. The trip hop trio have always has consistency and reputation for pushing out musical boundaries as well as visual to the extreme.

In the video which was directed by Medium and Massive Attack’s 3D aka Robert Del Naja, Kate Moss dances her way through the dark beats in a pitch black room while swinging a light bulb letting herself drifting into a peaceful trance.

“Me and Kate have been friends for years, but had never collaborated, so last year we booked a studio with Medium and set up a shoot.” Del Naja explained in the release. “During the session Kate was dancing in the dark, lighting herself with a naked bulb. She perfectly captured the essence of this track… intimate and ritualistic.”

“We edited it back in Bristol to keep it raw with no re-touching, I didn’t want to lose the spirit of that moment,” he added.

Moss herself has been famously known as main muse for some musician, she has starred in many music video such as Primal Scream, The White Stripes, Paul McCartney and Elton John, and for this particular video she said she’s been a “huge fan” of Massive Attack and Del Naja has been a friend for many years: “When he asked me to collaborate with him I didn’t have to think twice. I always thought their visuals were amazing and I was proud to be in this video.”

Watch the full video below.