Listen to our self-isolation playlist to help ease your nerves. Antidepressants optional but recommended.

While the pandemic hasn’t totally thrown our life upside down, we’re grateful for the downtime and clearly making the most of it: It’s given us a lot more time and space to create and discover what real freedom means to us. By staying selective with the news we consume and trust, plus doing a lot of fact-checking and hand-washing, Our team is staying conscious of the impact on the infection curve. Above and beyond this, though, we’re responding to the situation by focussing on being there emotionally for loved ones.Listen to Our Self-Isolation Playlist to Help Ease Your NervesHere to help you to calm your nerves, we recommend you start by taking a deep breath. Download the calm app and listen to our self-isolation playlist. It might help you deal with uncertain anxiety. The first playlist of the series is curated by Teuku Ajie, Editor-in-Chief of DEW Magazine. It opens with a vocal verse from Oliver Sim by Jamie xx, cavorts with the likes of The National, Thom Yorke, Kiasmos, and Bonobo along the way, before ending with Alfa Mist’s “Mulago”.

“This playlist is a compilation of songs that have either heightened the isolation I feel or distracted me from it,” Teuku explains. “I believe this is a fair representation of my ‘identity’ in some form — music has gotten me through a lot, to say the least.” Press play and let’s ride out these strange times together. (Text Kirana Ardhia)