Love, Lust and A Bigger Splash

Love, lust and A Bigger Splash. The new Luca Guadagnino simmering drama is surely elegantly draws on influences of sexual tension.

Here comes another magnificent collaboration between actress Tilda Swinton and Italian director Luca Guadagnino in a drama called A Bigger Splash.

The new Luca Guadagnino simmering drama, A Bigger Splash, takes place in sunny Mediterania, where the main characters played by the great Tilda Swinton as Marriene Lane, a David Bowie-esque international superstar who’s taking a summer vacation with her filmmaker partner named Paul (Matthias Schoenaerts). The excitement starts when her ex-lover / ex-producer Harry portrayed by Ralph Fiennes accidentally showed up, he brings along his newly discover daughter from a previous fling, an outrageously sexy Penelope (Dakota Johnson). The so-called-vacation has finally turns into a love rectangle full of lust, intrigue, ego and jealousy.

Besides the sexually induced scenes and intriguing love story with a little bit of dark humor, the aesthetic itself is too good to be true. Once again Guadagnino successfully teamed up with Raf Simons for its extravagant wardrobe that is beyond doubt. As Guadagnino further explains, “I wanted to continue my conversation with Raf, who I reckon is one of the most inspiring creative people out there, and he went to Dior, so I started to talk with Dior and we found that we could do it together for Tilda’s character.”
A Bigger Splash is a remake of Jacques Deray’s 1969 psychological thriller La Piscine, it surely elegantly draws on influences of sexual tension, and like Guadagnino’s widely acclaimed previous film, the style-drenched romance I Am Love–this film is another visual treat of slow-mounting tension, beautiful camerawork and incredible style from Guadignino. A Bigger Splash will be on theaters worldwide on May 13. Watch the trailer below.