Midori Takada and Lafawndah Joins Forces for Kenzo’s Latest Art Video. Beginning with a musical collaboration between two generations, Partel Oliva created a contemporary cinematic framework based on folklore.

Kenzo has recently released their latest collaborative video featuring two musicians from across generations, Lafawndah and Midori Takada. Kenzo as a brand is known to have strong nods and influences to the Japanese culture. Their stories, concepts and features are imbued with a rich Japanese heritage. Last fall, the brand staged an intricate Japanese show for the latest spring 2018 collection. Kenzo designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are aware of such fact, making this video yet another Japanese-inspired piece that reimagines the Japanese folklore setories. The short 20-minute film features the mythical creature kitsune – or the fox spirit – which is a significant symbol to the Japanese and Senegalese folktales.

Midori Takada and Lafawndah Joins Forces for Kenzo’s Latest Art Video

Stills from KENZO ‘Le Renard Bleu’ by Partel Oliva

The 20-minute video is directed by Partel Oliva, which explores the mystic fox played by LA-based Krump dancer, Qwenga. Atmospheric, emotive and mystifying, the collision of choreography, sounds and visuals takes on a contrast between the two generations of music makers. While Japanese compose and percussionist Midori Takada made her release after 20 years of hiatus, UK-based pop artist, Lafawndah makes a wonderfully enigmatic appearance.

Le Renard Bleu, which literally translates to as “The Blue Fox” is different but is enjoyable in its own ways.

Watch the film below: