Paradise Youth Club releases third Stoned Bear installment. Available in various colorways, the label’s recent drop is here to remind you that life still goes on.

You should be familiar with them by now because they’ve been on a roll. Who? Paradise Youth Club, obviously — with their consistent drops and prolific product portfolio this past year, we can only expect them to release more during this pandemic. You don’t have to spend your time being as productive as possible, but the Jakarta-based label sees no reason to stop now. Inspired by Richard Tahsin’s Polo Bear, an essential Ralph Lauren symbol, PYC launched the third edition of their Stoned Bear series influenced by our current situation.

Paradise Youth Club Releases Third Stoned Bear InstallmentThis latest drop consists of four t-shirts in white, light gray, navy, and black colorways as well as two crewnecks in navy and black. All garments feature the Stoned Bear rocking a long-sleeved collared yellow Paradise shirt, baggy jeans, and black sneakers with a facemask on, “NEVER FORGET” imprinted below the bear. On their site, the label says “life goes on, but lest we forget”. In the face of adversity, we carry on.

The third installment of Paradise Youth Club’s Stoned Bear is exclusively available for purchase now on their website. (Text Jordinna Joaquin)

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