Paradise Youth Club Returns With Their Trippiest Collection Yet. The on-the-rise streetwear brand’s newest collection ENIGMA takes you to undiscovered places inside your mind.

The brand that is mainly known for its bold graphics and satirical typographies, makes a Spring Summer 2019 comeback with ENIGMA. Setting concepts that are usually based on realistic happenings for their previous drops, this time – in the puzzling digital era – Paradise Youth Club makes use of it by taking on inspiration from the future’s unforeseen cause and effect of the digital world to create their most trippy collection so far. Imagine Bandersnatch, but as your wardrobe.

The Jakarta-founded streetwear brand’s characteristic remains intact in this offering by juxtaposing conventional, classic pieces with elements of modern and trending youth culture. ENIGMA serves as the continuation of Paradise Youth Club’s way of experimenting with bold, peculiar graphics that are executed on high quality garments, as the brand aims to expand the mind through their signature visuals and statements in a subtle manner.

Paradise Youth Club Returns With Their Trippiest Collection Yet

Paradise Youth Club Spring Summer 2019 “ENIGMA” Collection. Image courtesy of Paradise Youth Club.

Although the main inspiration for this latest collection is the future, the silhouettes say otherwise. Putting a spin into the usual tone for modern streetwear, Paradise Youth Club revives nostalgic early 90s silhouettes in their casual staples with a selection of oversized crewneck sweaters, hoodies and T-shirts with longer sleeves and hems. Plenty of intriguing graphics that point to futuristic digital references are found; such as pixelated hands, robotic visuals, encryptions, with typographies like Human Today, You Are In The Future, An Error Occurred Trying To Load The Resource. This season’s color palette includes dusty yellow, black, white, grey, bright green and blue.

A right time to stock up for the upcoming long holiday getup, ENIGMA could be an addition to your closet at the end of May 2019 through Paradise Youth Club’s official webstore and others to follow.

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Photography Miri Matsufuji

Styling Tatsuhiro Tsukano