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Private Eyes: Nana Komatsu on Her Rise to Stardom. Jack of all trades and a master of lots, the model-turned-actress is excited for what the future holds.

This article was originally published in DEW Magazine #30 In-Between Issue – 8th Anniversary Edition

Nana Komatsu is not your ordinary 22-year-old. At the time where most girls her age would be glued to their laptop screens, binge-watching series or movies and fawning over celebrities, she is busy being the one behind those screens. A multifaceted person, the Tokyo native who is currently promoting her new movies, has been around the entertainment industry for a long time.

Although one may argue that everything looks shinier from outside, the entertainment world is definitely not as glamorous as it is portrayed. Not all rainbows and unicorns, it is a truly hard and rough work. A job that is meant for someone who is strong-willed and has the ‘oomph’ for it, and Nana Komatsu might just be the perfect girl for the role.

Private Eyes: Nana Komatsu on Her Rise to Stardom

Nana wears shirt worn underneath Patrick Owen. Checked shirt stylist’s own. © DEW Magazine

From catwalks to big screens, Nana has definitely experienced the good side of things. Before she began her acting career, she was – and still is – the fashion industry’s darling. From being a frequent visitor to Paris Fashion Week, to sitting front row as Karl Lagerfeld’s regular personal guest at Chanel’s shows. Still as excited as ever to attend fashion shows, aside from taking walks along the River Seine, she personally spilled that her favorite memory during Paris Fashion Week last month was of her recent visit to Chanel’s spring 2019 show. She was surprised and amused to see that Grand Palais was magically transformed into a beach, and got completely engrossed in the collection.

Scouted in Harajuku and started modeling at the age of 12 before finally able to grace the covers of many prestigious Japanese fashion magazines, it is safe to say that fashion has become one of her fortes. Stating that modeling is about the art of expression, as a self-proclaimed introvert, working as a model helps her in learning to express things, and herself, better. Not just a profession though, Nana does fancy fashion. She enjoys experimenting with her outfits, freely wears what she wants, prefers pants than skirts, she doesn’t really follow trends and opts to wear the things that suits her best.

Private Eyes: Nana Komatsu on Her Rise to Stardom

Nana wears shirt and trousers Patrick Owen. Vintage protective shoulder pads NUDE TRUMP. Shorts Baserange. Socks stylist’s own. Vintage boots HUG. © DEW Magazine

A major contrast with the image Nana usually evokes in editorials, her latest acting project is a horror movie, in which she plays Makoto Higa, an eccentric and gaudy girl who can communicate with ghosts. An unusual and challenging role, Nana had many memorable things happened on set. It was the first time she had to cut her hair really short and dyed it bright pink. “It Comes” (Japanese: Kuru) features a similar eerie tone and ambiance to Babadook and It Follows (two of the most acclaimed horror films in years), and is set to release this year on December 7th.

Private Eyes: Nana Komatsu on Her Rise to Stardom

© DEW Magazine

Nana admits that acting is a career that she wants to continue pointing her soul at from now on, and it is looking like a bright future ahead of her when glancing at her past achievements. Glowing reviews for one of her first movies and the first project that she ever auditioned for, she successfully bagged a number of esteemed awards for Tetsuya Nakashima’s The World of Kanako. Growing up watching a lot of them – she loves movies, the art of making films and the industry scene itself. She likes the heartwarming feeling in the film production, of everyone working on different tasks yet are creating one thing that connects them.

Used to being in front of the lens does not stop Nana from shaping her talent on working behind the lens as well. One of Japan’s most sought-after It girls, Nana is a self-professed camera lover with a true knack for photography and she regularly shares her personal 35mm photos on her Instagram, @konichan7. Nature landscapes and flowers are some of her favorite objects to shoot. Admitting that she doesn’t think much about what she posts on the platform, most of her photographs are raw and unprocessed.

Private Eyes: Nana Komatsu on Her Rise to Stardom

Nana wears jacket, shirt worn underneath, and trousers Patrick Owen. Checked shirt and socks stylist’s own. Shorts Baserange. Leather belt vintage Céline by LAILA Vintage. Vintage shoes Qosmos. © DEW Magazine

The everyday life for a celebrity includes the hustle and bustle of a constant schedule of events to attend and projects to do. Shooting overseas for movie projects and music videos are already in Nana Komatsu’s calendar. Nana is one ambitious and determined girl who thrives for challenges and we are definitely here for it. (Text Kirana Ardhia)