Public Culture #12 is all about summer love. The streetwear label is taking it easy and staying happy for their newest collection.

Nobody does graphic tees quite like Public Culture. With their twelfth collection coming out, you’d think the brand covered just enough about whatever it is the youth is raving about these days, but that’s absolutely not the case. “Sunburn Showdown”, while remaining true to the signature PC look, somewhat deviates from the label’s previous collections like “Dysfunctional Dystopia” and “Midnight Delight”. This line’s story centers on the notion of endless summer; great times guaranteed, lax and joyful accompanied by that fresh breeze and the company of loved ones, tuning in with Mother Earth and spreading peace, love, and empathy.

Public Culture #12 is All About Summer LoveIt can be said that this latest drop will make loyal PC customers contemplate about what makes the clothing label so special and renowned. There’s something both personal and political in the brand’s pieces that clicks with those who wear them; be it angst, cynicism, even satire in graphics signature to Public Culture. While some aspects of the brand’s collections lean more towards the darker side, they’re balanced out by the bright tie-dyes and must-have items for standing out in the most casual way possible. Although “Sunburn Showdown” yearns for a loving, never-ending summer, it is undeniably happy.

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On a literal note, the collection completes the stape summer wardrobe with surf shorts, striped tees, five new panel caps, sling bags, as well as sweaters, hoodies, patterned tees and patterned shorts, and, of course, a large variety graphic tees. Shirts come in soft lavender, light blue, pastel green, peach, and mustard. That retro vibe is present here more than ever with a trippy button-down that will definitely be worn to music festivals, headwear that will match with anything, yellow on peachy pink, and wholesome messages. There’s also a simple graphic hoodie and a black-and-gray block sweater for cozy summer days in. Now made with heavyweight cotton for extra durability and comfort, “Sunburn Showdown” will give you the positive energy you need all year long. (Text Jordinna Joaquin)