Remembering the Glorious Days: Public Culture’s Latest Projects. In honour of launching the new PC Operations series through a new mini collection of t-shirts, the Indonesian streetwear label held a workshop and sharing session on the power and value of young creativity.

In celebration of uniqueness and reminiscing childhood memories, renowned streetwear brand Public Culture launched an event earlier today on the 24th of August at Third Eye Space in collaboration with Ruru Kids, an organisation providing art programs for children and teenagers. As the first-ever campaign by the annual PC Operations, the event was held not only to release a new mini collection of t-shirts — titled “Glorious Days” — but also to host a live t-shirt making workshop for children with tools and equipment provided by the PC team.

PC Operations is a newfound yearly capsule collection aiming to explore diverse ranges of creativity based on PC’s signature t-shirt. It was made to remind PC’s team members to take a step back and recall what it means to work together and the essence of Public Culture.

“Glorious Days” features a playful and vibrant editorial lookbook shot by talented photographer Anton Ismael on film. The t-shirts are much softer than Public Culture’s usual moody graphics and should be expected to be able to appeal to a much younger audience, considering the cartoonish, childlike, plant-themed doodles and other vivid graphics on colourful tie-dye.

Remembering the Glorious Days: Public Culture’s Latest ProjectsAfter creativity and imagination are poured happily onto blank garments, a laid-back discussion/sharing session occurred with Manual Jakarta’s Hadi Ismanto and 15 other invited guests from the creative industry, having talks about how to keep the fire of creativity alive and burning bright, and the importance of collective efforts to make sure that generations ahead will be keen to continue creating and joining youth-led movements. The event was live-streamed on Public Culture Instagram account so “[our followers] can tune in and experience the event together”. The label hopes to convey the pure accessibility of creativity and the vitality of educating younger folks to push themselves to be increasingly involved in various movements, “because at the end of the day, what’s the point if you’re not having fun?”

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