Rise: David Laport

David Laport made his debut on the catwalk of the Mercedes-Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week with a poetic collection that is both fresh and contemporary.

In 2012, Laport graduated as a fashion designer with an experimental final collection of wind-blown silhouettes in pleated textiles. His collection received a lot of media coverage and was rewarded for the technical innovation of his ‘standing up’ plissé. After working as a freelance designer for a few years, Laport felt that it was time to take the next step and present his collection during Amsterdam Fashion Week.

The Autumn Winter 2014 collection titled ‘Decay Elite’ was inspired by the different stages of a flower with silhouettes visualising the flower bud, the flower in bloom and the withered flower through innovative techniques. Poppy, Anemone and Hellebores is a Laport preferences, like his beautiful red woollen skirt with a contrasting pleated part in black or blooming dresses and layered skirts in organza or the artfully constructed plissé tops, a technique that showcased most part of his entire collection by combining traditional crafts with modern thin, lightweight fabrics.

His love of flowers dates back to the time when Laport worked as a florist in addition to his fashion studies at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Laport is realistic about his chances as a starting designer in a difficult economic climate. And since stores are not currently investing into young talent, his aim was therefore to present a creative and inspiring collection, just to generate attention for his work. In its curated apparent simplicity, revealed that he is a young designer that the fashion industry should watch for. (Text Teuku Ajie)



Photography Jasper Abels at House of Orange

Styling Jordy Huinder at Eric Elenbaas

Hair Magdalena Loza at House of Orange

Make-up Chiao Li Hsu at House of Orange