Rise: Jvstify ‘Los Luchadores’

Since its quite long break, Yasmina Yesy has been carefully reshaping JVSTIFY to a fresh yet quirky collection. Inspired by the Mexican hero ‘Lucha Libre’ with twist femininity, this season is definitely ones to watch as the elements that taking into account were very exciting. This summer, JVSTIFY celebrates the beauty of pop colors, tropical patterns and the spirit of youth today. By finding inspiration from a unique munchies place in Bandung, they delivers a range of pret-a-ported that would surely make our heads turn up side down. Get ready for JVSTIFY! (Text and Interview Dinta Jakile)

DEW: What is the story behind JVSTIFY?

JVSTIFY: I never plan to become a fashion designer in the beginning of my career, as after I finish my degree I was a textile designer. In my early childhood moment, I was really attached to the art world, thanks to my dad who always took me to galleries and museums. When I did my degree in textile design, I realized that textile and fashion were always fulfilling one another. That time, I was learning different type of traditional textiles such as batik, ikat, tenun, tie dye, etc. Also, I used to work for two senior local designers like Deden Siswanto and Priyo Oktaviano. Then in 2010, JVSTIFY was born and it was name after my family name, which is Yustiviani.

DEW: How do you find most of the inspiration for this collection?

JVSTIFY: The inspiration comes from the random munchies that I had over lunch in this Hawaiian theme restaurant in Bandung. The look of it was very tropical and what makes it really interesting was the owner used to be a WWF star in South America.

DEW: What’s the highlight from ’Los Luchadores’ collection?

JVSTIFY: The highlight was tropical embroidery, Lucha libre mask, and our signature ‘hot pink’ color.

DEW: Why  ‘Lucha Libre’ as the mascot for this season collection?

JVSTIFY: In this collection, the main character was Lucha Libre who’s a WWF star that wears his wrestling costumes in bright pink that was the very opposite to the actual Lucha Libre.

DEW: In 3 words, how do you describe JVSTIFY?


DEW: Based on ‘Los Luchadores’ and previous collection, how do you define JVSTIFY market?

JVSTIFY: Our beloved target market would be girls and eccentric women around 15-35 years old. They’re bold, eccentric, and quirky.

DEW: How to justify ‘JVSTIFY’ in Indonesian fashion market?

JVSTIFY: Just be yourself, believe in ourselves.

DEW: And what do you expect from Indonesian fashion market today?

JVSTIFY: Frankly, my expectation towards Indonesian market was hoping that they were becoming more open minded with variety of characteristic in each of human being as well as the distinct ideas that they produce.  And someday they will eventually appreciate these things.

DEW: Any expectation to enter International fashion world?

JVSTIFY: Definitely, we’re hoping to enter International market but it will be in our long-term agenda. So, I might say slowly but sure.

DEW: Any hint for next ‘JVSTIFY’collection?

JVSTIFY: We have few ideas in mind, however it’s just a matter of making it real. But its gonna be bold.


Creative Director Agra Satria

Photography Hilarius Jason

Styling and Hair/Make-up Yasmina Yustiviani

Model Juliette Pishnyak at Perfect 10