Rise: Scapes NY

Meet a pair of 2014 Parsons BFA Fashion Design graduates, Andie Enomoto and Taylor Kaclik. Together they spun a myth about nature manifestion between land and sea for their partnered senior thesis collection called SCAPES. The creative duo executed and developed their 10-look thesis collection into a new line that intelligently approaches its pieces in the avant-garde spirit of today. In a process of designing the collection, the pair intersect contemporary digital practices with the appreciation for embedding handcrafted elements into each garment. Through the use of storytelling by means of print, pattern and motif.

Working together for the past two years, they utilized their strengths in design and construction and challenged themselves to work with a wide range of materials. Referencing personal memories from the nature itself, they used hand dying technique many times over to create a greater variation in the organic pattern. We can see a drawing motifs and transitions from seascape to landscape by exploring their print, pattern, and textile development. For example, a foam on top of ocean was assimilated with an experiment of melting white plastic onto linen and rope was stitched in between linen layers to mimic the waves feeling. Looking at their unexpected combination of graphic and handcraft invites the wearer to use multiple senses to understand and experience each garment.

Enomoto and Kaclik’s unbridled and experimental approach to textile development creates a balance of opposites when combined with their refined silhouettes. At the core of SCAPES, the design process is always confronted with questions to approach the ever-evolving entity that is “innovation”. Combining their individual perspectives, the designers engage in design conversations that stem from two contrasting aesthetics. This organic approach to designing allows Enomoto and Kaclik to surpass their individual capacities, resulting in a combination of strengths and constant opportunity to grow. (Text Teuku Ajie)



Photography Monet Lucki

Model Ting Gong at FORD

Hair DeAndre Peoples

MUA Jessica Plummer