Rise: Stefanie Biggel

Rise: Stefanie Biggel – The graduated student from the Academy of Arts and Design Basel made her first Paris presentation inspired by Kurt Cobain and Larry Clark movies.

Meet Stefanie Biggel. Graduating from the Institute of Fashion Design at the Academy of Arts and Design Basel back in 2009. Stefanie Biggel launched her first collection in 2012, but her first breakthrough collection was in Paris a couple months ago. For her first Paris presentation, Stefanie Biggel takes a journey back to youth inspired by Kurt Cobain’s unique look and teenage boredom in Larry Clark movies.

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In this collection Biggel blends rough wool with shiny vinyl and fine mohair. She collaborated with Milan based textile artist Klaus Schmidt to develop a pattern motifs such as florals and animals, lines and cubes in knitted materials. The look includes oversized cuts and clever material combinations. Layers are playing an important role as patchwork within the garments and this patchwork techniques gives details on the finishing touches.

Masculine cuts and high quality materials create a laid back, effortless look. Her personal moods experiences and impression also build a strong essence of youth in this collection. Each piece is both feminine and masculine without being overly ornate. At this point she may be still morphed to complete her identity, but in the future will be interesting to see her grow up with full colour. (Text Teuku Ajie)