Sandra Backlund x Urbanears: Bring Statement Through Earphone Cords. A collaboration that turns an ordinary thing into something ethereal and experimental.

Gone are the days where one has to worry about their tangled earphones. Although many of us still opt for the conventional headphones with cords, most have jumped in the bandwagon for cordless and wireless technologies. With the reality of these everyday tangles making a dusty exit from technology, some have decided to put them to good use: as a work of art.

Urbanears, famous for innovating sounds through their versatile headpiece and sound accessories made a work of art that seemed worthy to be an art statement of its own. Collaborating with Swedish fashion designer Sandra Backlund, these cords were put back to life into three-dimensional knitwear. The experiment became a campaign of its one, Cut the Cord, a statement made to put these cords that once surrounded our lives into aesthetic objects. The result? A masterpiece of its own – cords that become sculptural wearable garments with a defining statement of its own: old and dusted materials looking utterly stylish and futuristic.

Sandra Backlund x Urbanears: Bring Statement Through Earphone Cords

Image courtesy of Urbanears.

Backlund was capable of transforming the ordinary into something ethereal and experimental. The cords itself conveys a visualization of the modern technology, allowing designers and artists alike to leverage their relevance, albeit obsolete. This newness and light brought by brands through objects and materials we take for granted are craftsman that we come to adore and appreciate, especially when the process itself is onerous. Who knew objects as uncommon as earphone and headphone cords can make a bold statement against the fast-moving modern innovation?

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