Soko Dazzles in the Skin of Loïe Fuller for ‘The Dancer’

Soko Dazzles in the Skin of Loïe Fuller for 'The Dancer'

© Julien Mignot

Soko Dazzles in the Skin of Loïe Fuller for ‘The Dancer’. Directed by Stéphanie Di Giusto, The French Musician/Actress Soko gives a heart-felt and passionate performance as Loïe.

Loïe Fuller is one of the most innovative artist in the 20th century and the “mother” of modern dance. She created a brand new genre of performance by combining a modern dance and dramatic light effects, making her unique ahead of time. Born in Illinois in 1862, Fuller invented a breathtaking visual satisfying dance form, which she swirled her enormous silk skirt gown in circular motions enhanced by out of the world lighting effect that creates a three dimensional art movements. She was also considered a “wizardess” for her technological and stagecraft innovation. The life of Fuller now immortalised in a movie called The Dancer (La Danseuse) directed by the French director Stéphanie Di Giusto. 

The Dancer is a film about Fuller’s early career, starring the French Musician/actress Soko, who resemble young Fuller, alongside Lily-Rose Depp as Fuller’s real live rival Isadora Duncan whom she also shared a romantic entanglement with. The Dancer is packed with the journey of Fuller’s early career which heavily fictionalised because Di Giusto was not aiming for a biographical story. One thing in common that Soko and Fuller has is their dedication to art is endless. In this movie, Soko decided from early on to not having a body double, she trained with Jody Sperling, who’s spent the last 15 years specializing in Fuller’s style, for hours everyday to imitate every aspect of the dancing. In the interview with, she said that “I didn’t want to be another pale imitator of her art, either. I wanted to know what the dress smells like after you’ve danced in for seven hours!.” Other than that, Fuller and Soko also shares some passion in multiple art forms, such as in painting, costume-making and stage presence, just like Soko in her passion for music and fashion. 

This passion-filled movie is a must watch for those who interested in dance history or who appreciate unconventional heroines, based on true stories. There is something magical and melodramatic in Fuller’s art of dance and her life struggle to become an iconic symbol of Art Nouveau dance Loïe Fuller. Watch the full trailer below: