Stella McCartney Releases Her First Unisex Capsule Collection. The British Designer releases her first unisex line with an eco-friendly capsule collection, Stella McCartney Shared.

Stella Mccartney is a designer who’s known for her progressive takes on fashion. She’s made a name for herself in regards to her stance on sustainability in fashion, and now she’s progressing into breaking past the binaries of gendered fashion with her new capsule collection titled Stella McCartney Shared. Inspired by the new generation of fashion and young activists, the collection explores the fluidity of gender; how personality and individuality can be communicated via genderless clothing and catalyze a change in our society.

“I think it’s beautiful how they inclusively celebrate individuality and diversity and are using their self-expression to affect social change. To create the world they want to see, collectively rising up in the face of the climate crisis and global social unrest,” she says in a statement.

Stella McCartney Releases Her First Unisex Capsule Collection

Image courtesy of Stella McCartney

The campaign images of the collection also align with the collection’s motives of encouraging inclusivity with the models being Chinese creatives. “It is a bold, relevant edit of luxurious streetwear curated for Stella’s tribe of global change agents unafraid to stand up for what they care about — represented by next-gen Chinese creators,” says the brand on social media.

Stella McCartney Releases Her First Unisex Capsule Collection

Image courtesy of Stella McCartney.

The collection will include streetwear pieces and modern essentials for today’s youth. From tote bags to sweatshirts to t-shirts to puffer coats, Shared is filled with tasteful athleisure-ish pieces that are versatile and easy. Some of the printed pieces in the collection features prints by artist, Will Sweeney. In total, the collection has 90 items in total and for each purchase, and customers will receive a thank you note for their choice of choosing sustainable fashion.

“We need not compromise style for sustainability and we can show that it is possible to build a healthy profitable business with mindfulness and consciousness, time is up. Our house is on fire and we need to act,” McCartney states. (Text Vanya Harapan)

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