Stella McCartney Spring 2017 Menswear Debut

Stella McCartney Spring 2017 Menswear debut is sweet, relaxed and a bit of humour. The first collection offers a fresh and directional new approach to men’s wardrobes.

Stella McCartney has finally launched her complimentary menswear line to sit side-by-side her much loved womenswear label. Understated, but no less glamorous, Stella has always nestled the sweet spot of style and functionality that not many brands have been able to fill. Shown alongside her Spring 2017 women’s collection, McCartney’s menswear offering was a perfect transplant of what we’ve come to love with her womenswear – relaxed yet precise tailoring, overblown proportions, innovative prints and tricked up with clever, unexpected details and a good dose of British humour.

The inspiration behind this SS17 collection stems from a mix of different subcultures across eras – from Rastas, ravers and streets – but remains true to her womenswear aesthetic of effortlessness attitude. For Stella, the importance of wearing clothes is effortlessness and not compromising yourself for the sake of fashion, which are qualities she could recognize and explore further in menswear.

In a line-up of intriguing, slightly scruffy male talent, the collection offers a fresh and directional new approach to men’s wardrobes. If every collection dreamed up by a womenswear stalwart looks this great, the menswear playing field is set to become crowded with influential collections that have appeal beyond the fashion crowd and trade show peacocks, lending the market some new key players who should give the establishment a run for its money! Here’s your first look at the full lineup:

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