Tangan embraces changing times with their ‘Adaptasi’ Collection. Tangan’s new collection in collaboration with YET  is all about embracing the change that comes with the pandemic.

This year has been a shaky year full of shifts and changes in the world we live in, and for their latest release, Tangan acknowledges that the best way forward is to adapt. Their newest collection “Adaptasi” is inspired by the creative ideas contained during the restlessness in the pandemic that embraces the concept of change.

Tangan Embraces Changing Times with Their 'Adaptasi' Collection

Image courtesy of TANGAN.

In this collection, Tangan breaks the concept of Adaptasi into three parts, the Craft Set, Essentials and the COVID Cover Kit. The overall collection is aimed to provide pieces that encourages people to get active in their new routines. Functionality, flexibility and comfort are the foundation for the 7 ready-to-wear designs. Tangan has also collaborated with YET, a collective of collaborators that unites creatives in Indonesia centred upon the concept of a contemporary lifestyle, they aim to generate ideas and solutions for a new daily life.

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The Craft Set, that consists of pyjamas and a shirt, is presented as a metaphor for adapting to new times. The set allows us to choose whether we want to cut them apart (representing the idea of moving into a new current), or if we want to leave it as it is (representing the idea of staying in a comfort zone). Comfort and practicality is the main focus of the Essentials, each piece is made with a lightweight material and has a loose silhouette to maximise ease. The pieces also contain pockets and openings for functionality. Pieces in this part of the collection includes daily wear garments such as a blouse and shorts. For the COVID cover kit, Tangan has created a two-piece protection gear that can be used as outerwear. The set is made to protect clothes and skin from any direct contact, bacterias or any viruses.

Along with the collection, Tangan has also released a series of interviews for their campaign “#TANGANYETberADAPTASI”, featuring Jay Subyakto, Happy Salma and Eva Celia. In the videos, the creatives will share their personal perspective in regards to adapting with the pandemic. Tangan will present “Adaptasi” in an Intimate Video Presentation, filmed by Vicky Tanzil, that’s split into 3 parts, one short video showcasing each part of the collection. (Text Vanya Harapan)

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