The Artist’s Voice open up new conversations about contemporary arts. Curated by Lóránd Hegyi, the exhibition has opened a very dynamic dialogue through visual metaphors and themes.

When it comes to the arts, deep emotions and past stories play an important in conveying their artistic journey. Messages and themes about life, truth, and existence are cornerstones to one’s artwork, especially in contemporary ones. The Parkview Museum Singapore has opened its doors to artistic contemporary works from artists across Asia and beyond through a thematic exhibition entitled The Artist’s Voice.

The exhibition showcased 34 contemporary artists from around the world picked by renowned international curator and art historian Lóránd Hegyi, The works exhibited reaches out to the audience by opening a very dynamic dialogue about the world through visual metaphors and themes that are expressive, emotional, and passionate.

Inaugurated as early as November, a formal statement has maintained that the exhibition focuses on the capacity of contemporary art to transfer essential messages and existential revelations about life, truth, historical visions, values, as well as anthropological constellations.

Poignant emotions were shown in the artistic language of these artists. One notable artist was Marina Abramović from Serbia, whom presented two strong works that portrays the blood bath of the Yugoslav Wars entitled Balkan Baroque (1997, published 1998), while another one about the human and bodily functions entitled Pietà, (1983/printed 2002).

While other works showcased in the exhibition includes Andrei Molodkin (Untitled, 2009), Anne & Patric Porier (Door of Memory, 2017), Arnulf Rainer (Death Mask, Series of 3, 1970), and Barthélémy Toguo (Water As Gold, 2017).

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The Artist’s Voice is complex and deep, portraying struggles and oddity of the artists through works of art made to ponder and question among audience. As the title of the exhibition suggests, freedom to express has allowed these creative souls to show their strengths, weaknesses, interpretation of the world around them, creating a evocative imagery made to appreciate all the more.

The Artist’s Voice runs from November 17, 2017March 17, 2017 at The Parkview Museum, Singapore. Opens hours: 11:00 – 19:00, Monday to Saturday, closed on Sunday. Free Admission.

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