The Breath of Fresh Air That is Marine Serre. Winner for LVMH Prize for Young Designer is all about upcycling, the crescent moon and the exciting and daunting future of fashion.

Young Parisian designer Marine Serre is not the ordinary designer with the dream label, internship position and the much-lauded spotlight of the LVMH Prize. Serre has had an interesting start earlier this year, where her debut collection for the eponymous label made it in the runway in Paris last February 2018. Excitement filled the air; her collection named “Manic Soul Machine” uses clothes to highlight the possibilities of upcycling in the industry. Taking futuristic references, Serre discusses the realities of fashion with regards to ethical and sustainable fashion.

The Breath of Fresh Air That is Marine Serre

Photography Tanguy Poujol. © Marine Serre

Marine Serre is anchored in the realities of today and how one can turn around the perspective of fashion. In a formal interview, Serre doubted the value of fashion in a three-zero worth of clothing piece. The former Balenciaga employee said that her collection is far more accessible in prices and recycling will become a big element to her production process. Collections from “Manic Soul Machine” focuses on simple garments with the signature crescent moon as her collection’s visual lexicon. Serre was much more futuristic elements that stirred away from the conventional crisp and simple pieces. Jackets and pants were presented with utility pockets with hints of the crescent moon patterns. Accessories make up a lot of Serre’s collection including skin-colored balaclava, filtered bikers sunglasses and scarves.

Serre sought to find new inspirations outside of what we know or thought we know about fashion. The more we think about it, Serre’s collection and presence, as a young generation of designer is a breath of fresh air. Serre wanted to gain meaning with her designs and find a halfway point of expressing her radical styles while maintaining a distinct character. It’s easy to follow as her debut runway collection might have sparked conversations here and there. No doubt Marine Serre uniqueness and her voice for sustainability will pave way to many other opportunities in the future. And as an emerging designer, “Manic Soul Machine” really is a headstart.

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