The xx Announce Third Album and Share New Single ‘On Hold’

The xx announce third Album and share new single ‘On Hold’. The band are shuffling towards the dancefloor, seemingly no longer the shy wallflowers.

The xx just confirmed the long awaited album after almost three years in the making by dropping their newest single ‘On Hold’. Following up long after Coexist in 2012, the band will be unleashed their album soon, which will be titled ‘I See You’ on January 2017 via Young Turks.

It’s been awhile since we have heard the band moody somber pop, and now they are back with unusually upbeat music in ‘On Hold’ driven with synth and beat, of course still with their straightforward melancholy kind of lyrics. It has been described as “more outward-looking, open and expansive” by some media.

In the interview with Beats 1’s Julie Adenuga, Romy describes the album as, “collection of quite different sounding songs, different from each other” and she adds, “We wanted to open the windows and be like, let’s try completely new things, let’s get out of our comfort songs, which as more introverted people, our comfort zone is quite a small place, so just getting out there and meeting new people, going to places we didn’t know and recording there, and sharing the music.”

The band will be back to the live stage after years on the upcoming Saturday Night Live on November 19 as musical act to perform their new song ‘On Hold’ for the first time. (Text Saskia Chairunnisa)