UNIQLO To Collaborate with Bottega Veneta’s Creative Director Tomas Maier. Japanese fashion giant UNIQLO has revealed very exciting collaborations in the past, making their collection relevant and extra special for avid fashion heads and those looking for wearable and affordable wears.

The latest collaboration announced is with Bottega Veneta’s Creative Director and founder of his eponymous label, Tomas Maier. The collection will feature both men’s and women’s collection and will due to unveil them as early as Summer 2018.

This will be the first collaboration from the UNIQLO with the designer, making a fresh take into affordable fashion without sacrificing the quality of fabrics and materials used including fine cotton, linen, and raffia. The collection will also maintain the Japanese functionality while also taking great detail into the sophisticated designs Maier is known for. The collection will feature pieces that highlight the breezy summery feel and whether it is a walk along the beach or a time for leisure, everything about the collection will become a staple to this year’s summer fest and siesta.

UNIQLO has had an impressive line of collaborations for the past few years including renowned designers Jil Sander, Lemaire and J.W. Anderson with its second drop of another collection this year. Throughout collections, identity has always run deep in every one of them, making them unique but very signature and special in their own ways. A strong presence of the designer’s identity is always translated so seamlessly into the comfortable and easy-to-wear pieces that UNIQLO is known for.

Through a formal statement, Maier has asserted that his “brand is based on simple, yet sophisticated designs.” We are hoping to see a fresh take on what and how the designs will look like this summer.

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