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Watch ‘Skate Kitchen’ trailer about NYC’s young sk8r grrrls. A coming-of-age movie starring new actress Rachel Vinberg and the millennial icon, Jaden Smith.

After The Wolfpack, and That One Day, Crystal Moselle is back with Skate Kitchen

Released at Sundance Film Festival, and this summer publicly, Skate Kitchen will bring us to the deep of raw New York City with all girls crew skateboarders that share their life discovery, rebellious sides, friendships, relationship, and exploration. With Camille (Vinberg) as the main character, the movie revolved around her falling out the relationship with her Mother, falling into a skater boy (Smith) that somehow screw her girl gang friendship.

Watch 'Skate Kitchen' trailer about NYC's young sk8r grrrls


This movie brings us back to the vibe of Dazed and Confused, Kids, and American Honey that open the eyes to the reality, one’s passion, love, and lessons. With a 90’s street style fashion manner, Skate Kitchen stills and trailer showed a Cass Bird-ey style of DOP. Skate Kitchen also depicts that there are many girls that skate, it’s not a masculine sport, and your little sister can learn to skate.

Even though we haven’t watch it, we are curious to see how it reflects the current. Will this movie bring the young to go outside and play rather than to exist on the internet? We’ll see!

Watch the trailer here: