Zodiac launches ‘Diskovera’ in conjunction with the 2-day mini festival. Designed by Michael Killian, the special capsule collection was inspired by the discoveries and the journey of exploration of the venue itself.

Behind the excitement of ZODIAC as the latest lavish destination in South Jakarta –The bar-slash-nightclub constantly aims to offer new experiences and fun times through on going bar and retail programs. This 80’s concept bar was initiated by Pleasure, the Jakarta based creative collective that throws a brand of multi-genre high-energy parties.
Invoking the symbiotic relationship between music and fashion, the project now encompasses a line of a special capsule collection titled, Diskovera. Designed by Zodiac’s own Creative Director and founder, Michael Killian. Taking inspirations from previous collaborations and activities that have been released throughout the year, it is a collection constructed by the discoveries and the journey of exploration of Zodiac. Items in the collection will include clothing articles such as sound waves equalizer tie-dye t-shirts, printed psychedelic sweatshirts, shorts, socks, and collectibles such as ashtrays. It’s worth noting that items from the Diskovera collection can be purchased at the Zodiac retail space, as well as through the Pleasure Machine on the following weeks.
Zodiac Launches 'Diskovera' in Conjunction with the 2-day Mini Festival

Courtesy of Zodiac 

The collection will be launched this weekend in conjunction with the 2-day event held at the Zodiac. Apart from the launch of the capsule collection itself, the main focus of the event is on providing good music as a main dish. For that reason, the event will headline two international acts, Swedish based DJ/producer Kornel Kovacs on Friday and Spanish DJ/producer Bawrut Silencio on Saturday. The events will also have local acts such as Tara (Pleasure), Anja, and Dekadenz.
Ahead of their mini-festival tonight, Zodiac takes us inside their world, where the venue dedicates two things that shape today’s culture: music and fashion – not bad to be a stylish and getting down on the dancefloor if you could afford it. See ‘Diskovera’ complete collection below:

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