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DEW Magazine #46 The Collective Issue Spring 2023: On this issue, we’re inspired, we’re band together and we invite you to celebrate collaboration!

The concept of community isn’t a new one but is one that is constantly evolving and building a collective can now be done in so many different ways for different purposes. On this issue, we encourage you to define what community means to you? How can we, as individuals, help build connections and bonds to those around us? Question how impactful and powerful human connection can be and how meaningful these communities are to our lives. Whether it’s through a shared interest, a hobby or a career, the emphasis on community and togetherness has helped humanity in more ways than we know.


Cover story Yuka Mannami at Donna Models in HOUGA

Photography KINYA at MILD INC.

Styling Toshio Takeda at MILD INC.

Hair Asahi Sano

Make-up KOUTA at Glassloft

Casting Director Shimana