House of the Dragon: What to Expect in the Anticipated Season 2. From teasers to spoilers, we’ve compiled information about the second season and what to expect in the upcoming episodes.

After its successful first season, ‘House of the Dragon,’ the precursor series to the critically acclaimed ‘Game of Thrones,’ is set to make its highly anticipated comeback this June. Prepare yourself for what lies ahead and dive back into the world of the Targaryens.

Though the narrative for season 2 is outlined in George R.R. Martins’s book Fire & Blood, the plot is still a huge secret. As we get closer to the release of the new season predictions, and news is starting to unravel increasing excitement among viewers for what awaits in the upcoming season. Here is what to look forward to for the next season.

House of the Dragon: What to Expect in the Anticipated Season 2

Photography Theo Whitman. Image courtesy of HBO.

What is House of the Dragon About?

House of the Dragon delves deeper into the family lineage of Game of Thrones main characters: Daenerys Targaryen the mother of dragons, whose family once held power over the land of Westeros hundreds of years before the events depicted in ‘Game of Thrones’ unfolded.

What to Expect in the Upcoming Season: New Characters

As the House of the Dragon saga unfolds into a new chapter, new faces are set to be introduced to the series. Among the notable additions is Sharako Lohar, a Lysene admiral for the Triarchy, portrayed by the remarkable trans actor and philosophy YouTuber, Abigail Thorn, or her YouTube pseudonym ‘Philosophy Tube’. Additionally, speculations arise regarding the introduction of Daeron, the youngest Targaryen, whose anticipated arrival, hinted at by George R.R. Martin, is said to leave a significant impact on Season 2.

George R. R. Martin also has said it will take four 10-episode seasons to fully tell the story of the Dance of the Dragons, and while Warner Bros. might not have committed to a 40-episode run yet, we’ll assume George R. R. Martin is right. Due to the nature of adaptation, not everything in source material Fire & Blood or A World of Ice & Fire will make it into the show, and there will likely be some new scenes, characters, or plot lines that aren’t in the books.

The Plot Thickens

Season 1 concluded with a tense battle, leaving the story on a cliffhanger and setting the stage for what lies ahead. As the struggle for the Iron Throne continues and conflicts escalate, it leaves room for more intense battles and the emergence of new houses amidst the ongoing turmoil. 

At the outset of the conflict, the Greens occupy King’s Landing while the Blacks operate out of Dragonstone. The Greens count major houses like Baratheon, Hightower, and Lannister (and many others) among their supporters, while the Blacks boast the support of Arryn, Stark, Greyjoy, and Velaryon (and many others).

House of the Dragon: What to Expect in the Anticipated Season 2

Photography Ollie Upton. Image courtesy of HBO.

As you watch the first episode of the season 2, the House conflict kicks off with a child murder. Yes, Daemon doesn’t take kindly to the killing of his stepson, so he calls in a favor from Mysaria, the White Worm. She hires a butcher and a ratcatcher (known as Blood and Cheese, respectively) to sneak into the Red Keep and the chambers of King Aegon’s sister-wife Helaena. The killers hold her children, Jaehaerys and his younger brother Maelor, at knifepoint and force Helanea to choose which will die. She agonizes but eventually says Maelor, rather than have them both killed. Instead, Blood and Cheese kill Jaehaerys and then flee, leaving Helanea distraught.

House of the Dragon: What to Expect in the Anticipated Season 2

Photography Ollie Upton. Image courtesy of HBO.

So we believe in the upcoming episodes we’ll be expected to see King Aegon retaliates by sending Ser Arryk Cargyll to Dragonstone to impersonate his identical twin brother Ser Erryk and kill Rhaenyra’s children or the queen herself.

Jaehaerys will, uh, not be the only child who dies in the Dance of the Dragons, so if the kid-death isn’t really your thing, the rest of House of the Dragon might not be for you.

More Battles, More Deaths

The books House of the Dragon is based on say that the number of battles during the Dance of the Dragons “cannot be readily counted, for they were almost beyond number,” so it’s doubtful HBO will spend time and money on every last encounter. But there are some major ones with huge implications that will likely make it on the screen.

House of the Dragon: What to Expect in the Anticipated Season 2

Image courtesy of HBO.

Among the battles we can probably expect to see in the season 2 is the battle between Princess Rhaenys and her dragon Meleys against King Aegon and his dragon Sunfyre and Prince Aemond and his dragon Vhagar, the largest living dragon. Or the Battle of the Gullet, where Corlys’ fleet gets attacked by the Triarchy, the trio of city-states from Essos that have allied with the Greens. As you expected, as the story progressed, there will be more casualties from both sides.

Betrayal After Betrayal

There will be a moment when the Blacks lacks dragon riders because of major casualties in battle. Despite the loss, the Blacks still have significantly more dragons than the Greens — 13 rideable dragons compared to the Greens’ five. So anybody who manages to tame and ride these dragons gets a noble title on the spot.

This, as you might imagine, doesn’t sit well with loyalty. They’re going to end up causing headaches for the Blacks.

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When and Where to Watch? 

The second season of House of the Dragon will air on June 16 at 9 p.m. ET and can be watched on HBO or the streaming platform MAX. Episodes will be aired weekly every Sunday. (Text Emily Naima Editor Teuku Ajie)