Globalisation is no longer enemy – it now allows the local to flourish and inspire.

In a reaction to massive globalization that is happening now we feel the need to conserve and enjoy the current locale. This is not an attempt to exclude, but to celebrate community and culture, and to invite the rest of the world to share in the experience.

It looks at each area’s own qualities – the customs, symbols and hidden eccentricities – and magnifies them in a way that is progressive rather than sentimental. Even inward-looking, local humour has a universal appeal. Celebrate the idiosyncrasies of a culture or a community in a fun, light-hearted way and let it influence your visual style.

Local traditions and styles don’t stand still. In the creative universe both insiders and outsiders recast them in a modern image.

Through our #9 edition, represented by gorgeous Indonesian singer-songwriter on cover, Eva Celia,  we challenge our contributors to recreate an artwork that takes its inspiration from their homeland or where they live into universal appeal. The key is to respect and pay homage to the traditional, while moving forward. And the message is to make our culture flourish and inspire, and make the world more dazzling with a difference. (Text Teuku Ajie)


DEW Magazine #9 Local Issue Pre-Fall 2013

Cover story Eva Celia

Photography Teuku Ajie

Styling Lilian Ng

Hair and Make-up Tania Ledezma