RAMENGVRL and Yayoi Damon Takes Their Own Twist on ‘GALisMIND’. RAMENGVRL kicks off 2023 with a collaboration with Yayoi Daimon on a remix of softboiledegg’s ‘GALisMIND’.

As a leading female rapper in the Indonesian music scene, we can always trust Ramengvrlto shake things up with her new releases! The rapper, and singer-songwriter, is known for her outspoken lyrics, catchy musicality and unapologetic attitude which has charmed and empowered listeners from all over. Last year was a great one for Ramengvrl with consecutive hits filing into her discography like the chic house anthem ‘Fashion’, the post-break-up singalong ‘Onto the Next’, and her collaboration with Singaporean rapper Yung Raja Ming Ling.’

To kick things off for 2023, the rapper is back with a new collaboration with Japanese rapper Yayoi Daimon on a remix for softboiledegg’s “GALisMIND.”  With all participants having a unique and distinct style, it’ll be interesting how so much individuality will meld into a singular track, making this all-female collaboration one to highly anticipate.

The song was originally released in 2021 by the five-member hip-hop girl group softboiledegg which was formed by models of egg, a Japanese print publication focused on gyaru culture. The publication then moved into becoming a Youtube channelin 2018 and focused on pertaining to a digital media presence. As their girl group continuously releases dynamic fun tracks, the group has gained success as musicians as well. However, this collaboration marks the first international collaboration done by the group, cementing their status as a rising global artist.

The original song was written based on a statement made by the editor-in-chief of the former magazine who was explaining how ‘GAL’ is more than a visual style but instead a state of mind. Its bold unfiltered lyrics talk about how these girls aren’t afraid to get nasty and fierce, despite going against societal expectations. Its classic hip-hop feel, catchiness and playfulness got the song becoming a viral hit on TikTok, exposing the group to a wider audience.

RAMENGVRL also revealed through her Twitter that she once purchased a copy of egg magazine back in 2013 simply because she ‘just like the vibe’ and fast forward to a decade later, the rapper was invited to collaborate with the girls behind the mag. Yayoi Daimon has also expressed that this collaboration was a way to share the message that “GAL has no border. No matter what age, sex or nationality.”

In this newly released remix, the lyrics playfully (almost mockingly) pokes fun at the sexist remarks and implied gender roles women face. The music video also is set in a similar setting as its original, with the girls rapping on a set of a high school with Ramengvrl and Yayoi stepping in to play teacher to the softboiledegg girls. Click here to listen to the fun upbeat remix and watch the equally empowering video. (Text Vanya Harapan)