DEW Magazine #38 Recharge Issue – 10th Anniversary Edition: As we enter the end of 2020, instead of looking back and dwelling too much on the downsides, let’s bring out the inner optimists in all of us and look forward to how we can make 2021 a more positive year for all of us.

In our issue at the beginning of the year, we discuss how powerful the voices of the youth are. How as the future of our world, they’ve been the ones demanding a change towards the previous generations. Then we continue to talk about public figures in the following issue, what role they play in our world that’s currently in a crisis and whether they’ve been using their platform and influence responsibly. For our fall issue, we invite you to slow down and assess what’s real and what’s not, what sincerity and authenticity truly means and it’s importance as well. In all of these issues, we encourage you to be more aware — aware of what’s going on in the world and also aware with us our selves. This leads us into our current issue, where we wrap our year up with a chance to reflect on how we want to live our lives and how we’re going to move forward and make changes in the world after all the chaos brought onto us this year. After all, we can’t make changes before first being aware.

We know asking for positivity in the midst of a pandemic might sound a little odd, but the global crisis we faced this year could in fact be the catalyst of change that we needed, and it’s time for us to decide how we will recover and how we will progress.


Cover story Nana Komatsu at Stardust in soduk

Photography Ko-ta Shouji

Styling Chie Ninomiya

Hair Takeshi

Make-up YOSHi.T