DEW Magazine #43 Exploration Issue Pre-Spring 2022: In this issue, we dare you to push your limits, go and try that thing that’s been on your bucket list for the longest time, take it as a sign to finally take that leap of faith you’ve been urging to do – and who knows what beauty could unfold right before your eyes!

There’s nothing that gets the gear in our head-turning more than the unknown. If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected because you never know when life as we know it is going to take a 180-degree turn. With new innovations popping up every second, we can only anticipate what lies ahead of us.

It’s undoubtedly nerve-wracking to enter a new year in an era where 24 hours feels too short and too long all at the same time. But a new year could be seen as a new page, a clean slate, a blank canvas, there’s no better time to kickstart a new adventure and explore all the potentials that are present in your life! (Text Vanya Harapan)


Cover story Braxton Kamga at Persona in tredici.zerodue

Photography Thomas Sito

Styling Allysha Nila

Hair and Make-up Rara Endoh