DEW Magazine #47 The Green Issue Summer 2023: We know that climate change is very well taking place, but what can we do to make things better – for both the Earth and ourselves?

Summer is here! But in case you haven’t noticed, the weather’s been acting up lately, hasn’t it? Countries in Southeast Asia have been experiencing sweltering heat waves as temperatures hit new peaks in the past few months, with Bangkok even reaching a new high of 42C which felt like 54C when humidity is considered. Hours away, Saudi Arabia is experiencing shocking new firsts as their desert turns green from bountiful rain, and snowfall is taking place once more after a century of absence! Not to mention the concerning low temperatures that Europe faced last Winter. These are just evident proof of how drastically our climate is changing.

The discourse of sustainable and ethical practices have also risen to popularity as a conversation topic. By now, we know how urgent and important it is to make sustainable choices and also be more mindful of our consumption and waste. But we forget to look on the other side of the coin – the narrative needs to move on to solutions. So what can we do to make things better – for both the Earth and ourselves? Is it time to be more proactive? Should we all be activists on the side? Should we completely change our consumption habits? Or Is it enough to be more mindful? For all those questions, we believe you know the answer. (Text Vanya Harapan)


Cover story Rei Kadota at Image Models in Aesthetic Pleasure

Photography Kizen

Styling Kaori Suzuki

Hair Minori Kato

Make-up Shinya Kumazaki

Prop Master Yusuke Ishii