Editor’s Pick: 7 Must Have Apps

  • CarharttWIP CarharttWIP
  • Cinematique Cinematique
  • ASAP54 ASAP54
  • Paper Paper
  • VSCOcam VSCOcam
  • Marvin Marvin
  • Monument Valley Monument Valley

To be considered classic or timeless, you have to be able to stand forward to select what is best in terms of entertainment and efficiency. There are reasons that take place on selecting what application that suits your personal interests in content and purpose, design and interface, accessibility, and integration development (continuity).

We select 7 mobile and tablet applications categorized in general entertainment in music, video, fashion, shopping and social networking, productivity in illustration and drawing, books, and games. (Text Melodya Lukita)

1. CarharttWIP

For music enthusiasts, Carhartt Radio is essential phone application that exclusively provides monthly stream mixtape that comes from various musicians all over the world. It freely to give you access to any genres whether it’s HipHop, Dubstep, House, Techno, Indierock, Downbeat, Disco, Jazz, Soul or Funk. Completed with DJ’s bio and tracklist, and great interface, male brand from Michigan, USA will accompany you to experience to a limitless tune.


2. Cinematique

Fashion conscious, you might want to test Cinematique application that provides you an easy access to all the credits and to shop just by touching the item on the video that you want. All the items will directly saved on your control without having distraction while you were still watching it. A whole new game of application!


3. ASAP54

Another platform pressing on shopping, ASAP54 is worth a try for shopping freaks! This application combines a social fashion community with the latest visual recognition technology and a team of personal stylists. You just have to snap or upload a picture from anywhere you want and it will help you to search for its credits, where to buy it online and give you other similar options or other items to style together. It definitely is your Shazam for fashion.


4. Paper

If you like to draw or illustrate, Paper application is highly recommended! Work best with iPad, you can draw anything you want with five free tools and numerous colors with undo and zoom as an additional service to polish your work. You can also add other tools and its wooden pencil also a color mixer and you can print it on a Moleskine with a price. A fine results and good for presentation!


5. VSCOcam

Although it may seems that everyone has it, VSCO has never stop to develop its integration. Now, it comes with VSCOgrid that is a free publishing photo stream to filter creative people to edit their photo in details. With creativity, connection and curation as its visions, it is a different experience with an authentic packaging that will change your perspectives to share your world to the world.


6. Marvin

An application for bookworms, Marvin is an eBook reading platform that comes with amazing features. Connected with your Dropbox, OPDS, iTunes, calibre, and Web, it works to read your EPUB format with an easy transfer process. Marvin provides you features to use your favorite fonts and layout, set up your library with your own order, gesture of flipping, brightness and more, dictionary and vocabulary help, integrate with other application for a deeper view (IMDB, Google Maps, Wikipedia, etc.) and high contrast to help dyslexic reader.  A kind vision of a must have application to escalate reading culture.


7. Monument Valley

To those who like to play game in combining difficulty and delight, Monument Valley is the right choice. Inspired by the art of M.C. Escher, Japanese prints and minimalist 3D, together with the silent Princess Ida you will discover a fantasy by challenge that take place in mysterious monuments. This enigmatic game that filled with optical illusions, mystery and architectural adventures unquestionably will transpire your imagination.