2014 has been a year of healthy lifestyle. The substantial market, benefit and fashion involvement toward the trend has made DEW deciding to commend the event and ask all the contributors to balance healthy trend with creativity. To make the unsubtle theme, we use “Body” as the big theme of this issue, targeting to, not only the health nor sport as a main direction, but also the human body itself.

Inspired by many people reaction to stay healthy nowadays and in-shape and willing to pay more for it, our fashion director Melodya Lukita did a unique collaboration with photographer-chef-educator Anton Ismael to create food styling sequence with a lot of health concern. This very first time, DEW comes with unalike form of fashion and garnishes it with information, benefits and or recipes.

As we dive ever further into a fashion, we saw numerous fashion designers had taken sport as the collection’s inspiration, whether in its style or material. It is mandatory to have a great durability that makes a technology evolved throughout the year. It has became a great deal for fashion and merchandising. Our fellow contributor Winda Malika Siregar review more about the love affair between luxury fashion and sport, where different avenues walked and many theories proposed on how sports-influenced wear came to dominate the fashion world today.

To add another reasonable points, we match a pair of weird but gorgeous actresses in other words of their radiate charm and beauty. Tara Basro and Eva Celia, nowadays are starlets of Indonesian beauty spot. Together they share stories about their greatest experiences in their recent action movies including the common situation of “Showmance” during the period of production. We knew it would be funny and intriguing to have them on set together for DEW 13th cover story at the same time to reveal their close relationship since their last role on Pendekar Tongkat Emas (The Golden Cane Warrior).

This issue also a tribute for a well-known figure/model, and, more recently an emerging contemporary artist and jewellery designer today in Indonesia, Salvita DeCorte. She paints as well as she being photographed and apparently have become the favorite among many photographers in Indonesia but she doesn’t know if that’s true. DEW recognize her talents and attempted to disarm her figure to reveal more about herself and jewellery projects that are being developed at this time.

As a conclusion, we believe as an appreciation of your own body, we never stop you to challenged yourself as our selected contributors to create your own designation of artwork that motivates the audience to be proud, to carefully concern of health and gracefully conscious of their own body and skin in an original package of creativity. So please take a moment to look at the poise and beauty of our creation. (Text Teuku Ajie)


DEW Magazine #13 Body Issue August 2014

Cover Story Tara Basro and Eva Celia both in Balenciaga and No’om/No’mi

Photography Shadtoto Prasetio

Styling Dinta Jakile

Hair and Make-up Teddy Lim

Styling assistance Zanetha Labianka